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Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 December 28, 2011

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It’s bImageeen quite awhile since I last posted anything. I have nearly let two weeks of my vacation from online college go without getting on here and putting up anything new. It is now 3 days from New Year’s Eve and 4 days from the New Year. Since I don’t make New Year’s resolutions and we don’t go to any New Year’s eve parties (we’re an old married couple with a 9-year-old daughter), life around our house will most likely be Dullsville.

But, hey that’s okay, I’m used to being home-bound most of the time anyway. However, I digress. The title of my post is “Merry Christmas and Happy 2012″…so I suppose I should write about what we all received for Christmas and how wonderful 2012 will be for us – we hope!

Carli – our 9-year-old, received some pretty spectacular things for Christmas this year. The last gift she opened was her netbook. While I didn’t mind sharing my computer with her, it was beginning to get old. Since I attend college online, I had to make sure my homework was done while she was at school so that when she got home, she could get on and play games or watch YouTube videos.

Now that she has her own computer, I can do homework at my leisure – although I’ll probably still want to be somewhat finished with it before she gets home so we can have time together. It’s important to be there for our only child. She also got some LPS animals, a slinky, the Uno card game, two decks of playing cards, dominoes, $80 in cash, two Monster High dolls, one of which came with a bunk bed and a slew of art supplies, plus a drafting table and a clamplamp (pink, of course!).

I got a few things, they were all unexpected surprises, as I wasn’t expecting anything, to be honest. My husband gave me a mother/daughter necklace – the bottom heart is big and an alexandrite and the top heart is small and an amethyst. It is set in silver – very beautiful. My daughter gave me a pair of amethyst earrings that match a necklace I have and a purple sari – I wear it around my shoulders like a shawl and it keeps me comfortable in this cooler Arizona weather we are experiencing this winter. My sister sent me a mustard seed necklace.

Hubby got two t-shirts, a flannel shirt and 6 pairs of socks. He was in dire need of new ones, so I made sure he had them. He was very happy with what he received and also pleasantly surprised, as he was not expecting any gifts either. Christmas, we believe, is really for children.

As for 2012, I am hoping that I will continue getting better, as I have been sick for over a year now. I had to stop working as my health has gone downhill, not to the point of needing to be constantly hospitalized, but I have been in the hospital several times already this year – and, for anyone who has had to be hospitalized more than once, it does get old fast.

I am hoping to get disability and also hoping that hubby gets to continue working full time for a while. He originally started out very part-time, but the carrier he was subbing for walked off the job and as the first sub on the list, he was given the position full-time until a replacement can be found. This may take some time and while he doesn’t really want to work full-time, he has bucked up and taken it on. For this I am grateful as the money doesn’t hurt.

My, my. Have I gone on! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has a very Happy New Year!