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Carli is starting to grow up September 29, 2011

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Our little girl isn’t so little anymore. In just under 2 months she will be turning 9. Some days you’d think she would be turning 21. I swear. We have something good happen for us recently and with that came the opportunity to purchase new bedding and pillows. For her and for us. We have gone literally years without any new sheets, comforters, pillows and we were finally able to do so yesterday. We didn’t go crazy, we never really do, but still it was fun to walk into a store and pick out new bedding for ourselves.

For the first time in a very long time, Carli slept all night in her bed. She got up once to say that she was having bad dreams about getting her picture taken (the photographer had already been at the school earlier in the day and had taken school pics), and her dad told her that pictures had already been taken and that she should go back to bed and go back to sleep, which I guess she did. I don’t know because I was asleep. Dad told me this over coffee and breakfast after he’d dropped her off at school.

Anyway, I am hoping there are many more successful nights like last night because we slept so much better without her in between us. Yes, we have been co-sleeping for a very long time, and while it was very wonderful, it is high time she started sleeping in her own bed. I am grateful we were able to buy new bedclothes and make her room that much more special for her yesterday. She loves her bed now and she too slept like a baby.