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Bullying – hate crime, jealousy – why? September 23, 2011

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My soon to be 9-year-old is being bullied at school. Again. She was bullied last year by a couple of her classmates, but as a very involved mom, I was able to put the kibosh on that. Now, here we go again. I called her teacher a few minutes ago and let her know that my daughter is being bullied by a particular classmate and I want it stopped, NOW! The teacher said she’ll talk to the bully and my daughter. I explained to her that I do not believe my daughter is doing anything to instigate the bullying, but that it is happening every day. The student is at least a head taller than my daughter, pushes her in line, pushes her against the brick wall during recess, pushes her down the slide and screams at her. What’s sad about all of this is that the student bullying my daughter is new to the school, and my daughter asked her if she’d like to be friends, to which the bullier replied, ‘Yes’…then came Monday morning and the bullying began.

I can’t have my daughter being bullied. I will NOT allow it to continue. I explained to the teacher that when she talks to my daughter and the bullier, she is to understand that she is NOT in trouble. I’ll give her a week to resolve this issue, but if it is not resolved to my satisfaction I will escalate it to the principal and if it is not resolved at his level I’ll step it up and they will not like what comes down the pike then. I will pull my child out of that school and home-school her if that’s what needs to be done in order to protect her.

Some might say that pulling her out will teach her nothing but to run away from the problem. I say, not so. I am protecting my child. I do not want her committing suicide like other bullied teens have done. I want my daughter to love being at school, to love learning and being with her friends. It only takes one child bullying another to cause the bullied child to hate life in general, especially if the bullying is done on a daily basis and there is no relief or getting away from it.

So, I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure my child isn’t being harassed, bullied and belittled by a 9-year-old child. She knows what she is doing is wrong and needs to be punished for it. Severely, I don’t know. But this much I do know, if it doesn’t stop and stop soon, there are going to be serious consequences for the school. I will escalate it to whatever level I need to, to make sure that no other child goes through what my child is going through right now. Guaranteed!