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Change in direction – Harry is moving out September 10, 2011

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Life has gone in a completely new and unexpected direction starting yesterday – Labor Day of all days. Less than a week ago, my father announced that he wanted to move back to Kennewick after living with us for 15 months. We were shocked, but my husband booked his flight that day for Monday, September 5th leaving at 8:30 a.m.

My father had made no arrangement to be picked up at the airport or where to live, nothing. He just left it all undone. I was able to get in touch with both Marvin (a cousin of mine) and Grant (a former step-brother) to let them know what was transpiring and when this would all go down. I received a call from my cousin yesterday afternoon letting me know my father had arrived safely at his final destination. My brother called me this morning with some questions about my father’s health and general overall condition. I answered his questions, let him know that I am Harry’s Power of Attorney, since I’m his only biological child it makes sense and no one there in Washington State is going to fight me for it. Whew…I was kind of worried. BUT, I needn’t have.

So, now that is under the bridge and in the past, I told Grant whatever papers he needed for me to sign to get Harry into assisted living, to let me know and I would sign the papers, no problem. Whatever he needs help with to assist Harry into getting medical treatment, etc. I would be more than willing to do. He said he’ll keep me in the loop. Of course, the conversation went on longer than it has taken me to write these first three paragraphs, but I’m sure you get the gist of it.

Harry cannot live on his own, he is frail and is a high fall risk, cannot cook for himself or anything that someone who generally takes care of themselves does and can do. I found out recently that my POA holds no barring in Washington State. So, Harry is completely on his own. I don’t even know what is happening with him. I haven’t received a phone call from anyone since yesterday when Grant was trying to help Harry with his bank account. Getting it moved to Sterling or something, I don’t know. Anyway, I’m sure if they need to tell me anything they will call. I leave it in their hands and God’s. There is nothing more I am responsible for.