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Just when I thought… September 2, 2011

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I wasn’t going to be abandoned by my surgeon, what does he do? Tells me my two new little developments on my abdomen are not worthy of an appointment. Well, okay then. Here’s the back story on my two new little developments…I sprung a huge leak this morning, so I turned on the shower and took my bags off. Well, while cleaning myself up I noticed two little spots below my bottom fistula, one has already started bleeding, the other one oozing pus. The area has been hard and red (cellulitis) but no real issues with it, so I let it go. Now that there are two spots I wanted to have them checked out by him, since he’s the doctor who is most familiar with my case.

He promised when I went to see him for the second fistula that he would not abandon me, yet it seems like that’s exactly what he has done. I was scheduled to see my primary care physician at 8:30 this morning, but since I’m still on my period, I decided not to go. My bags didn’t leak until after I’d been up for a little while, so I would not have known about the little abscesses until after I’d got home, so there was really no reason for me to go.

Now, I’m going to call them on Monday and see if I can be seen for these. I did not put new bags on because I thought my surgeon would want to see me…he had no advice for me as to what to do about them, and if I put my ostomy bags on, they will only irritate them further…so I now have to figure out a way to cover them and have my bag stick so I don’t have leaks. Time to talk to some of my fellow ostomates!