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Still taking life one day at a time… August 30, 2011

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My husband and I were talking about taking life one day at a time and he suggested we try taking life a month at a time. I see his point, honest I do and I think it’s an okay idea, but I have trouble doing that. Because my life is in such painful turmoil at the moment…if I weren’t in such pain and actually felt like I could be helpful and productive I might be willing to consider the possibility. Right now, not so pretty much. Hopefully I’ll be getting some pain relief soon (like today) and then things will be better.

I have an appointment to see a gastroenterologist on the 20th of September. But the cool thing is, Laura (sp?) is putting me on a cancellation list so that I can hopefully be seen sooner. That’s what we’re hoping for! At first she wasn’t even going to schedule me for an appointment because she thought I was looking for someone to treat my ECFs and when I explained I already have someone treating me for them and all I need is someone to help find a possible cause for them, she immediately found an appointment for me. These doctors are familiar with my case – I had hernia surgery and a camera pill removed…so…

Thank goodness I have my old medical records and saw this particular clinic. I’m hoping to get into a pain clinic and soon.

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