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Back from vacation and there’s been a lot going on since then August 19, 2011

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A lot has happened since returning from my vacation to Washington State. The trip was good and there were no issues going through the screening process. I had both my TSA card and the letter from my doctor, so that alleviated a lot of the issues that could have come up but didn’t, thank goodness.  Wearing a maxi dress also made things less complicated because they couldn’t ask me to raise my shirt or unbutton my pants without exposing all of me.

Here in PHX the lady patted my legs, front and back and didn’t even look at my supplies. When we went through security in PSC, I got the pat down of my legs, and had to rub my hands over the bags and then the lady used some sort of paper to check for explosives, which of course, was negative. And she didn’t look at any of my supplies either. So it was really good and I didn’t mind any of it at all. They never once touched Carli, even though she asked if she was next! Good thing they didn’t or I would have had a reason to record them!

I have had to change primary care docs, due to not being on employer insurance. Being on AHCCCS is the pits, but at least I have insurance for dr’s visits, medicines and my ostomy supplies. I found a new PCP and am going to be able to see the doctor who is most familiar with my ECFs. He had prescribed a pain med for me, but it is off the market, so he is referring me to a pain specialist where I can be evaluated and given the correct med and dosage. I just want the pain to stop!

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