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Getting ready for my trip to Washington August 1, 2011

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Three more days until my 8 year old and I head on our trip to Washington State. I’m excited yet terrified at the same time. I say this because I can’t wait to see my family – most of whom I haven’t seen in nearly 30 years – and because of my medical condition and wearing ostomy bags, I’m not looking forward to the pat-downs. I have my TSA card printed out and am getting a letter from my surgeon regarding my personal needs for the supplies I’ll be taking with me.

I have to pack everything now, but I’m not finding my suitcase…one, because I’m not looking for it and two, I’m not sure where it is, that’s why I’m not looking for it. I’m being lazy and I shouldn’t be. I need to be busy looking for the suitcase or a duffel bag, something to put our clothes in. I will put my ostomy supplies in a clear plastic bag and keep them separate from the rest of my luggage so I can have the TSA look at it, along with my letter from my doctor.

There are some family members I’d rather not speak to at all, but I suppose I’ll have to because that’s the polite thing to do. However, if they approach me in a hostile manner, I will not be responsible for their bodily injuries. Ok, I’m kidding, I would never hurt anyone, at least not physically. I’m too little to hurt anyone, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to sit back and not defend myself. And I will defend myself, but will not cause a scene. Friends tell me I’m worrying about nothing and that things will be fine.

I tend to worry too much about things I have no control over. It’s a family trait, I’ve been told. Lucky me. I think all people tend to worry about things they have no control over, it’s human nature.  We can’t help ourselves. I need to learn to worry (stress) less about things because it does me no good. I am not going to heal and get better if I don’t stop stressing so much.

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