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Taking life one day at a time July 22, 2011

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I have always believed that life is better if you take it one day at a time. Most people I know would agree with me. To try and take life any other way, than perhaps moment by moment, would say that is the best way to take life, especially in my current medical state. If you’ve read my last two posts, you know that I have two  enterocutaneous fistulas (ECFs), and they, at times, can be painful. But that’s not what causes most of my pain. I had hernia repair surgery about 6 years ago (maybe 7 now, I’ve lost track, honestly) and the mess is well, all a mess.

I have had multiple procedures trying to figure out why I have these ECFs, all to no avail. I was given a colonoscopy as a last resort and the doctor also went in through my top ECF to see if he could find the cause, but there was nothing showing up. No known cause for my ECFs or my pain. I’m working on getting a different kind of pain medication, hopefully, the doctor will see his way to refilling it without having to see me. I was on two alternative medications, but they never really worked despite my taking them as prescribed for months. I’m afraid to go back on them for fear I will end up in the hospital again with a low RBC, and poor nutritional panels. One of the medications has a side effect of anorexia and I was not eating much of anything, mostly ice and crackers. Both of which I no longer eat anymore. I am on a regime of 4 vitamins – I have been told I need to add another one and am supposed to be getting iron infusions. I don’t know what those are, exactly, but I need to do some research to find out what they are, how they are performed and how often.

I attend college online full-time and am loving my class so far. My first few courses are geared toward student success and guide students through the program the school uses and then classes begin in earnest once students have successfully navigated their way through ANGEL. At first I fought the fact that I had to take classes that have nothing to do with what my degree will be in, but then once I took the first class and now this second one, I am glad the college has all of its students do these courses, because without them students might do ok, but they would not be as successful if they didn’t take them.

My degree is Bachelor of Science in Sociology and I’m either hoping to minor in Psychology or perhaps double majoring in Sociology and Psychology. We’ll see. I love learning about the human psyche, what makes people tick and why people act and react the way they do to certain situations, how they handle themselves in public vs. private, etc. I have always loved these subjects. I have always been interested in these things since I was a little girl. Growing up having foster children in my home and seeing how some of the kids behaved the way they did, how they reacted to certain situations they found themselves in and how they responded to a kind word or being scolded, always piqued my interest in why they behaved the way they did. It wasn’t until I started writing this very post that these thoughts came to me on why I am so intrigued by humans. Now I understand.

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